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  • What destinations do you operate your retreats in?
    Ghana, Rwanda, South Africa & Tanzania.
  • Do I need immunizations?
    We suggest that you check with your travel consultant or, for the most up to date information, check the Center for Disease Control website at
  • Will someone be at the airport to meet us on arrival?
    WGG will arrange for a “meet and greet” for all our clients. With our local offices in Africa providing 24 hour emergency assistance.
  • Should I get travel insurance and what is the cost?
    WGG recommends purchasing travel insurance. A comprehensive travel policy is available through our insurance partners. We will be able to direct you to more information. Cancellation fees are charged by our suppliers and are beyond our control. Insurance will cover you for costly cancellation penalties, trip interruption and misconnection, and offer you protection in the event of illness or accident while abroad
  • What does the price include?
    1. Event tickets, workshops and group activities 2. Accomodations 3. Round trip group transportation 4. Food & drink options
  • What important items do I need to travel?
    Passport, visa (if necessary), universal adapter, portable charger, sunscreen, comfortable walking shoes, wet wipes and travel first-aid kit. Download our free packing checklist for a complete list of items.
  • How do I book a trip with Women Go Global?
    You must first contact Women Go Global to learn more about our travel options. We assemble unique travel experiences based off of your interests and goals. You will then be placed in a travel group and have the ability to book your trip!
  • What are the best (free) apps for travel?
    Google translate, XE Currency, TripAdvisor & WhatsApp
  • Can I join a retreat late or leave it early?
    It's extremely difficult if not impossible to join a retreat after it has begun. It is possible to leave early, however you will be responsible for your own arrangements from the moment you decide to leave the retreat. You will be responsible for all costs associated with joining late or leaving one early.
  • What are future destinations for WGG?
    Mauritius, Seychelles, Morocco, Mozambique, Botswana and more...
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